Letterboard Love: NATO Alphabet

September 8, 2017: Yes, only I would use DIY color-splashed letterboard to display the NATO alphabet!!! 😂 What lucky tech office space will get this beauty?

Looks so great, I don’t want to disassemble the sign!!!

Yes…this is a classic VIDADIY “How I Geek” project. In my life as an IT support professional I use this alphabet all-the-time. Especially when spelling my name for folks while on the phone. Not to mention serial numbers, part numbers, product numbers, support contract numbers…

My  craft geek touch? I color-sprayed my white Leisure Arts felt letterboard green with Design Master Über Matte Sprout. And I colored some of the plastic letters white (not the pink that came in the box 📦- the blue!!).

Ok, I’ve rambled enough…time to find this sign a 🏡! V-