Sticker Magnets for my Geometric Wall Magnet Dock

September 4, 2017: I stumbled onto this project idea while I was working on accessorizing my letter boards last week. While shopping at Hobby Lobby I found these cute stickers (mostly used for scrapbooks and planners).

There’s La Petites Succulents stickers. And La Petites Cactus stickers.


And the Momenta 3D mixed media stickers.


I brought the stickers home and decided to add them to my letter boards as #magnets. A foam sticker and a tiny magnet and Voila! You now have your “sticker magnet”.

I added these to the letter boards using metal shelf pins. But then I thought about the CB2 copper register placement mat I had hanging on my wall in Georgetown…

It makes a lovely wall magnet dock…doesn’t it?

In my Georgetown office, I have this hanging on the wall over the file cabinet and features my favorite 3D cacti sticker magnets.

These are so incredibly cute, especially on the wall!

And the best thing about it is you can easily transfer any sticker magnet to another metal or magnetic surface. Brilliant!

Moving these around on the magnet dock or to other message board and cabinet places makes me smile.

And with sticker magnets, the possibilities of creating, enjoying and sharing incredibly cute magnetic images are endless.

So here’s the dock again. Hanging on the wall with a simple screw. Beautiful.

This is the start to a whole new VidaDIY obsession. What other sticker magnet themes can I run with? V-