VidaDIY logo wood plaque


April 29, 2016: As I prepared for the official launch of my website this month, I made a VidaDIY logo using Canva.

Transparent VidaDIY (White)

I loved how it came out so much that I added it to the header of the blog home page as a favicon for the website, and as the site’s social media badge for Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

I decided to also make wall art out of my awesome new logo. Using the same technique as my Bedford Stuyvesant wood panel and squares project, I created a transparent overlay of the image over wood.

I first printed the image onto Computer Grafix adhesive printable transparent sheets. Here’s a photo of the printed image below next to a round craft wood plaque. I picked up the unfinished wood plaque from A.C. Moore for $1.99.


After peeling off the back of the printed adhesive sheet, I applied it over the wood plaque.


I used my crafter’s knife to cut away the excess of the transparent sheet. Looking great so far.


After more trimming, here’s how the plaque looks so far.


Although the ink doesn’t smear or bleed to the touch, it does fade and can be scratched. So I used some clear sealer and finish to protect the the image. I placed the plaque out on the balcony to dry for about 20 minutes.


Once dried, I added Mod Podge to the top and around the sides of the plaque. This will add an extra layer of protection. And it will provide the brushstrokes texture that I like.


I left it on my desk to dry overnight.


The following morning, I pulled out some large size 3M Command picture strips to add to the back of the plaque.


I added hot glue to two strips so that they will stick to the wood surface.


Once I had the strips positioned on the wood…


…I added the strips that will stick to the wall.


This plaque can go in a number of places in the condo (and will most likely be moved a couple of times). But for now, I have it mounted next to the pantry cabinets.


It looks good to me. Maybe a little lonely on that wall. Already thinking up some other ideas for wall art.


Here’s a close-up of the plaque. Some of the background ink was sprayed away when the sealer was used. This is fine by me…adds some weathering to the piece. And I didn’t want it to look too glossy. So that’s why using Mod Podge to add the brushstroke texture is a favorite technique of mine.


Wall art done in a flash. And inexpensively. This project cost $5 max.


I really like these wood overlay creations. I’m brainstorming more design ideas to make more of these. After I complete whatever is on my crafting and building list for the balcony (and for Mother’s Day). V-