Do more of what makes me happy


August 23, 2015: While shopping for my brother Mal’s condo guest room makeover, I came across this wire wall art sign in Bed, Bath and Beyond. The phrase truly spoke to me (and reflected my mood and mindset at the time – feathering a nest, my own or another, brings me joy and makes me happy). So I’ll continue to do just that!

And tossed the “Do more of what makes you happy” sign into my cart. This picture taken while in the store on November 29, 2014.


 Once I got it home, it stayed in the purchase bag for a few days before I focused on what to do with it. I thought about hanging it up on a wall in the bedroom as is, but it looked pretty bare when hung on it’s own using a nail.

Quite by accident, I discovered the perfect way to incorporate the sign into one of my Mod Podge canvas projects. I took four laminate wood square samples and glued it to the canvas (rotated 90 degrees to display a diamond). I then placed the wire sign over the laminate diamond. It fit perfectly.

The outcome of this surprise project truly knocked my socks off. I instantly fell in love with the dimensional layers of canvas (and the wood laminate behind the wire sign created a cool 3D visual effect). And the 90 degree tilt added a nice, quirky touch that captures your attention and makes you smile.

The timing of this canvas could not have been more perfect. It was put to work many times over (and moved from wall to wall as we progressed through our kitchen and living room renovations).

For a while, it kept my Bedford Stuyvesant signs company on the wall close to the entry-way, but now it has a prime position on our pipe hall tree.

Whatever the purpose or location, this sign will continue to be front-and-center, to serve as an important personal reminder (and to make me smile). V-