My love affair with binder clips


If you’ve been bit by the crafting bug like me, do yourself a favor. The next time you’re in Home Depot, or Staples, or CVS, or your favorite market down the street with an office supplies aisle, toss that three dollar box of small, medium or large size binder clips in your basket.

It will change your life. It sure changed mine.
I use binder clips for everything. Everything.

My favorite use for them are hanging lightweight objects to the wall. A Command hooks and the binder clip handles and you have the perfect way to hang anything you want.

And the fact that you can easily attach and remote items using binder clips make them ideal for projects where you want change things up. Think wall art. Note holders. Picture mounts. The list goes on and on.

In many cases, who needs a nail, a staple, glue or a screw to tack up your latest craft masterpiece? Reach for your binder clips and done! They are the perfect (and most ingenious) finishing touch for your project. (Especially when you dress them up ;).

Here’s a running list of binder clip ideas. V-

  • Pillowcase, textile, fabric wall decoration
  • Sign-hanger
  • Clip-on rope hanger



  • Fabric-covered bin clip
  • Magnetic note clipper
  • Thumbtack cork note clipper



  • Decorated bin sign holder


  • Pillowcase/fabric lined crate clipper


  • Wood plank picture holder



  • Planter box decorator



  • Planter box decorated hanger